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Segamat Durian King - MERAH ... Unforgettable ... 忘不了

Side topic sikit, nak promote Durian Segamat ... ... yang sekarang ni tengah musim.

Kini, Durian ni boleh didapati di sekitar Klang Valley, Johor Bahru mahupun Singapore.
Stok untuk musim ni adalah sangat terhad (read this) sila buat tempahan awal.

Istimewanya Durian Segamat.

Sila Call 019-337 8803 (Ricky, KL), 012-738 8083 (JB) dan 96499103 (SG)

Pelancaran Promosi Makan Daging Kambing Tempatan

Gambaran ketika pelancaran promosi makan daging kambing tempatan ...

Jualan Merdeka

Jualan Merdeka!!! Pasti Hebat!!!

Sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke-52, KTL dengan sukacita mengadakan Jualan Merdeka besar-besaran sehingga 30 Sep 2009.

Logo KTL Farm

Unveil of the Logo of KTL Farm ....

Sempena perlancaran Logo KTL Farm, kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada peminat-peminat setia ternakboer selama ini, kami menawarkan ... ... Promosi Hebat sehingga 31-Jul-2009 !!!

ActeWAGL Royal Canberra Show 2009

Lawatan KTL ke Royal Canberra Show pada 1-Mar-2009
sempena NSW BGBAA State Championship

Bersama Pemenang Double Champion -- Khan
iaitu Grand Champion Boer Buck 2009
dan Supreme Champion Boer Goat 2009

Pemenang Most Successful Boer Goat Exhibitor 2009

Pemenang Senior Champion Boer Buck --- Shogun.
Inilah bloodline yang akan kami bawa masuk pada shipment akan datang...

Bersama JimBoer yang menang Grand Champion Boer Doe untuk kali ini.

dan gambar-gambar sekitar Royal Canberra show 2009

Lawatan Ke Australia

Lawatan KTL ke Ladang-Ladang Ternakan Kambing Boer di Victoria dan NSW.

Design & Build Goat Barn (update)

Goat Barn is one of the very important element in the commercial intensive goat farming. A good design barn allow the farmer to easily access to their goats, loading and unloading the goats as well as moving the goat inter-compartments.

We provide the one-stop tailored-made Design & Build of your goat barn based on each unique geographical condition to suit your needs and budget. With the strong background in the construction industry for the past 20 over years, we are able to offer you the very competitive price starting from RM20.00 per sq. ft.. Please contact us for the Free quotation and consultation.

Below is the our sample design paper.

Our Completed Commercial Goat Barn 120' X 70'
Kandang Kambing ini cukup untuk muatkan 1,000 ekors Kambing Boer.
(Pleasa click on the Picture to Enlarge)

Pandangan sisi Kandang yang berukuran Lebar 70' dan panjangnya 300' (camera tak muat pula).

Othes factors identify by JPH
(Source :

Area chosen should be:

  1. There should be big trees for shade and to act as wind breakers
  2. There should be a mixture of hilly and low areas with good irrigation and good air movement
  3. Far from busy highways

Important Criteria for Building Goats' Shed

  1. Good ventilation is important to cool the air flow in the shed
  2. To allow as much morning sun into the shed. The shed is in the North-South Orientation
  3. Do not get damp easily. Good drainage system around the goat houses
  4. Do not get strong winds
  5. Protected from rain and heat
  6. Waste/droppings easily collected and disposed
  7. Sufficient room for feed and water
  8. Suitable flooring which does not cause injuries such as sprains and fractures which may result in the spread of diseases