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MAHA 2010

Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show

The MAHA Exposition biennial series is Malaysia's leading agricultural show. Hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobased Industries and organised by the Federation Agriculture Marketing Authority, it certainly is amongst the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the region, if not in Asia. MAHA 2010 to be held beginning November 26th 2010 and to run over 10 days, is expected to build on the success of MAHA 2008 a show accorded to be the largest Exhibition by the Malaysian Book of Records. A must for all industry stakeholder! this year's show promise novel and technology centric demonstration and exhibits and activities that interest trade visitors as well general public. It is a show that flaunts Malaysia's best producers, farmer, fishermen and stockman. It is also a platform to pitch the regions' best agro-food companies.

Continuing to this legacy, MAHA 2010 is pertinently themed as "Agricultural innovation for Growth". This will serve as showcase which marks a fresh beginning in the innovative agriculture and agro-based industries to gather the latest technologies in the related industries throughout the region.
  • To act as an information centre, for creating awareness on the latest innovation and new technologies to the target groups, with the aim of increasing their agriculture production, standard of living and income.
  • To provide a platform of meetings for the sellers and the buyers
  • To promote agriculture as a career, that could provide promising future and guaranteed lucrative
    income in order to attract entrepreneurs and the young generation
  • To position Malaysia as a centre of excellence in the development of agriculture and the agrobased
    industry in order to attract private and foreign investment.

· Agriculture (fresh produce- from farms to table)
· Fruits and vegetables
· Plant materials
· Meat, poultry and dairy products
· Cereals and grains
· Aqua, fish and seafood-based products
· Floriculture and landscape products
· Forestry products
· Root-based products
· Palm-based products
· Herbs and spices
· Nutritional food supplements
· Pharmaceutical products from medicinal plants
· Handicraft

· Franchise Development
· Financial Services
· Marketing logistics, trading and distribution
· Trade promotion
· Marketing communication services e.g. advertising, media
  relations, consultancy, infotainment
· Certification and accreditation
· Tourism e.g. farm and home stays, orchard tours
· Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks etc)
· R & D in agro-based products
· Halal product marketing & distribution
· Ministries

· Mechanism & automation
· Agro environment management / remedition
· Nano-Technology
· Melocular and Bio-Technology