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Australia Live Goat Export

Australia has reinforced its position as the globally preferred supplier of quality live goats. Goats are exported from Australia according to worlds best practice to various countries with the vast majority going to Malaysia and Singapore via aircraft and ship. Australia exports about 40 – 50,000 goats per year.
Live goat exports by state

Renewed interest from Malaysia

Malaysia has traditionally been an important live export market for the Australian goat industry. The majority, about 90%, of the goats exported to Malaysia are destined for slaughter however recent interest in breeder animals has added a new and important dimension to the market.

This interest has come through the stimulus provided by a 5-year economic plan, known as the 9th Malaysian Plan, which was introduced in Malaysia in April 2006. Under this plan, Malaysia is committed to pursuing goat production self sufficiency through the importation of breeding does.

The breeding stock buying criteria is currently limited to Boer and Boer cross goats that demonstrate good characteristics, including colour, however an adequate supply of these animals is proving to be hard to come by.

Tight supply means good prices and this has been reflected in record sale yard prices, particularly for Boer goats. Demand for well bred and finished animals is expected to persist in the short term.

Australia’s world’s best practice for live export and attention to animal welfare are helping to reinforce this trade.