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Goat Milk: A Blessing for Ageing People

If you have crossed your golden jubilee anniversary or touching it then you have probably noticed some disturbing changes in your daily routine, the way your body reacts to foods.

In today's world doctors agree that getting minerals from foods in this age is a better choice than getting them from manufactured and inorganic products.

Goat milk also contains less lactose than cow milk which is helpful in preventing the development of allergies. Because goat milk is easier to digest, we can tolerate it better and experience less frequency of smelly, uncomfortable and embarrassing gas. Goat milk is an alkaline food so it doesn't produce unnecessary and potentially dangerous acids in your blood or intestines. Goat milk contain vitamins, especially riboflavin, to help heal your skin, minerals to help you maintain healthy blood pressure, bioorganic sodium to help settle upset stomachs and other serious digestive disorders like chronic indigestion, intestinal irritation, constipation, diarrhoea or even ulcers and bloating.

Goat milk not only contains less fat than cow milk but it also has less of the enzyme called xanthine oxidase which generates the superoxide free radical molecule, which creates scar tissue on the heart if it enters the bloodstream. It's also been proven to cause your body to produce excess cholesterol, which can lead to arteriosclerosis.

With goat milk you can help to soothe your digestive system and intestinal tract, strengthen your immune system and help fight off nasty bugs, ease painful joints, encourage healthy bone growth and even avoid further bone loss and above all balance and regulate blood sugar levels.