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Goat's milk -- In-depth nutrient analysis:

Goat's milk

In-depth nutrient analysis:

Goat's milk
(Note: "--" indicates data is unavailable)
amount1.00 cup
total weight244.00 g
Basic Components
calories167.90 9.33
calories from fat90.91
calories from saturated fat58.57
protein8.69 g 17.38
carbohydrates10.86 g 3.62
dietary fiber0.00 g 0.00
soluble fiber0.00 g
insoluble fiber0.00 g
sugar - total10.86 g
monosaccharides-- g
disaccharides-- g
other carbs0.00 g
fat - total10.10 g 15.54
saturated fat6.51 g 32.55
mono fat2.71 g 11.29
poly fat0.36 g 1.50
trans fatty acids0.29 g
cholesterol27.82 mg 9.27
water212.35 g
ash2.00 g
vitamin A IU451.40 IU 9.03
vitamin A RE136.64 RE
A - carotenoid0.00 RE 0.00
A - retinol136.64 RE
A - beta carotene0.00 mcg
thiamin - B10.12 mg 8.00
riboflavin - B20.34 mg 20.00
niacin - B30.68 mg 3.40
niacin equiv2.46 mg
vitamin B60.11 mg 5.50
vitamin B120.16 mcg 2.67
biotin8.54 mcg 2.85
vitamin C3.15 mg 5.25
vitamin D IU29.28 IU 7.32
vitamin D mcg0.73 mcg
vitamin E alpha equiv0.22 mg 1.10
vitamin E IU0.33 IU
vitamin E mg0.22 mg
folate1.46 mcg 0.36
vitamin K0.73 mcg 0.91
pantothenic acid0.76 mg 7.60
boron-- mcg
calcium325.74 mg 32.57
chloride427.00 mg
chromium-- mcg--
copper0.11 mg 5.50
fluoride-- mg--
iodine-- mcg--
iron0.12 mg 0.67
magnesium34.09 mg 8.52
manganese0.04 mg 2.00
molybdenum-- mcg--
phosphorus270.11 mg 27.01
potassium498.74 mg 14.25
selenium3.42 mcg 4.89
sodium121.51 mg 5.06
zinc0.73 mg 4.87
Saturated Fats
4:0 butyric0.31 g
6:0 caproic0.23 g
8:0 caprylic0.23 g
10:0 capric0.63 g
12:0 lauric0.30 g
14:0 myristic0.79 g
15:0 pentadecanoic0.10 g
16:0 palmitic2.22 g
17:0 margaric0.07 g
18:0 stearic1.08 g
20:0 arachidic0.02 g
22:0 behenate0.00 g
24:0 lignoceric-- g
Mono Fats
14:1 myristol0.01 g
15:1 pentadecenoic-- g
16:1 palmitol0.20 g
17:1 heptadecenoic0.00 g
18:1 oleic2.38 g
20:1 eicosen0.00 g
22:1 erucic0.00 g
24:1 nervonic-- g
Poly Fats
18:2 linoleic0.27 g
18:3 linolenic0.10 g
18:4 stearidon0.00 g
20:3 eicosatrienoic0.00 g
20:4 arachidon0.00 g
20:5 EPA0.00 g
22:5 DPA0.00 g
22:6 DHA0.00 g
Other Fats
omega 3 fatty acids0.10 g 4.17
omega 6 fatty acids0.27 g
Amino Acids
alanine0.29 g
arginine0.29 g
aspartate0.51 g
cystine0.11 g 26.83
glutamate1.53 g
glycine0.12 g
histidine0.22 g 17.05
isoleucine0.51 g 44.35
leucine0.77 g 30.43
lysine0.71 g 30.21
methionine0.20 g 27.03
phenylalanine0.38 g 31.93
proline0.90 g
serine0.44 g
threonine0.40 g 32.26
tryptophan0.11 g 34.38
tyrosine0.44 g 45.36
valine0.59 g 40.14
alcohol0.00 g
caffeine0.00 mg
artif sweetener total-- mg
aspartame-- mg
saccharin-- mg
sugar alcohol-- g
glycerol-- g
inositol-- g
mannitol-- g
sorbitol-- g
xylitol-- g
organic acids317.20 mg
acetic acid0.00 mg
citric acid317.20 mg
lactic acid0.00 mg
malic acid0.00 mg
choline-- mg--
taurine-- mg
Note: The nutrient profiles provided in this website are derived from Food Processor for Windows, Version 7.60, by ESHA Research in Salem, Oregon, USA. Of the 21,629 food records contained in the ESHA foods database, most of them - including those of the World's Healthiest Foods - lacked information for specific nutrients. The designation "--" was chosen to represent those nutrients for which there was no measurement included in the ESHA foods database.